61 [Other countermeasures against the radiowave manipulation]: there are several methodologies to counter the invisible assault

Even if you are a victim of the electromagnetic manipulation, you would like to proceed your life going, which requires countermeasures to the wave.


Your motivation should be lowered by the electromagnetic wave with various directions. When the negative emotion arises or other emotions like a fear and fatigue are escalated, your motivation should be deprived. If you cool your head against these emotions, you should contain a negativity, though your motivation is just recovered to neutral. You need to use an adrenaline to dope your motivated feeling.


The exercise is one of the best ways to enhance your motivation. If you would like just to enhance your adrenaline, the muscle training is more appropriate than the aerobics. When you exercise every morning, you can also stabilize the autonomous nervous system and chemical balance of your brain, which does not require a long time.


You can also escalate a motivation by using a mouthpiece, which also increases an adrenaline. When you bite it with cooling down the head, you can elevate the motivation with a stable mind. By the way, it might be better to use teeth piece which is used for non-contact sports.


Another critical struggle is a memory, which is often gone from my brain by the electromagnetic wave. You can counter its manipulation writing down memos as many as possible. The external memory should support your recollection and you can maintain more a normal life. I have prepared many types of memos around me, and if not, I cannot write this blog as well.


The chemical balance of your brain is another concern from the electromagnetic irradiation. The wave can create various symptoms which are basically a result of the synchronization and its chemical reaction. Numerous chemical substances are spent for the manipulation, which is discharged from the body in the end. It implies there is a possibility that your chemical balance might be lost by the radiowave manipulation.


I have no proof of this outcome, but it might be escalated into the brain disease if that is the case, hence I am taking in a necessary nutrition on a daily basis. There are three necessary elements, one of which is DHA. The brain is basically filled with this substance and it requires to take in some from the outside, as it is not enough just by the internal production. Therefore, it is necessary to take in, especially when your brain is irregularly manipulated. It might be more precise to be called as omega-3 fatty acid, but in any way, you better to take in to keep your brain function.


This consideration holds true to other substances, such as minerals, which cannot be produced in your body. There are other similar non-producible substances with an absolute necessity to take from the outside, which is an essential amino acid.


Your body can produce amino acids, but there are several of them which are widely used in your body system, but not produced internally. The human genome does not support their production originally, hence they are definitely taken from the outside. That is why they are called as an essential amino acid. These substances might be off-balanced by the electromagnetic irradiation, hence you need to take in those intentionally.


An impact from the electromagnetic irradiation is temporary in nature, but the chemical balance might be collapsed as a result. It is necessary to take in some of the substances to maintain a balance of your brain system, but I have no clue how effective the radiowave distort it.



60 [Electromagnetic voice is unstoppable]: the external voice is unstoppable in your brain, but you can ignore it

It is impossible to stop a manipulation of thought. Precisely saying, you can halt it for a short period of time. It is not easy, but if you keep an emptiness of the zen meditation, any thoughts stop arising in your mind. However, the situation is quite similar to that Gautama was attacked by the demon to disturb his mind, implying you cannot stop it unless you become the Buddha, therefore I apparently cannot.


Actually, if you try to stop the manipulation, you should enhance your stress level. However hard you make an effort, you cannot halt it so that your useless attempt might create a mental disease. It is more suitable for your mental health to let the internal voice flow. The important point is that you just maintain who you are and follow your value, even if you hear something different by the thought manipulation.


There are two types of the manipulation of thought, one of which is that you can hear someone’s voice in your head. I assume this is an older technology. In this case, you can just ignore this voice however annoying it is, as you cannot be manipulated easily by someone’s instruction. However, if you listen to this voice during a morning doze, you might not tell this voice from yours and there is a possibility that your long-term memory is written in this manipulation.


The other is almost a thought rather than a voice, which is completely the same as your own inner voice. In this case, it is hard to avoid a manipulation as it sounds like your opinion. However, you can escape from this when some of your behavior are based on the external ethical code. For example, if you decide not to break the law, your action is also restricted by the law. If that is the case, you cannot be manipulated to commit an illegal behavior. This code can be changed to any other social norm. As far as you have a consistent code to follow, you can avoid a manipulation to distort your being.


Having said that, the electromagnetic manipulation is strong enough to control your behavior often. It cannot be helped, but as far as you keep yourself, the manipulation is partially accepted and calm your mind down always.


Your emotion is controlled by the electromagnetic wave at the same time with the thought manipulation. If that is the case, your sense is more controlled by the manipulator, when your decision is more based on the emotion. You can counter this manipulation when your behavioral code is based on the reason, not the emotion. When the reason controls your behavior more, your action is less distracted by the electromagnetic emotional control.


The fundamental countermeasure to the thought manipulation is to use foreign languages for a thinking process. If you switch several languages for that matter, you can be more effectively to escape from the manipulation. It depends on the language skill of manipulators, but it is not easy to obtain a capability to think in several languages, hence the manipulator is totally confused how to control the subject.


Although, there is also a fundamental problem to this countermeasure, one of which is that they can choose a manipulator who can handle several languages. If that is the case, you try your accent, which enhances a difficulty of copying your inner voice. If you use your accent intentionally in your brain and if its population is smaller, they cannot catch up your strategic change.


59 [No remedy for the visceral pain]: there are several symptoms, still no idea how to tackle with

I found out several ways to contain pains and disorders in the brain, but still, there is no measure to halt a visceral pain. The only I can do is to endure, but the pain sometimes becomes more than endurable. If you create a pain intentionally on another part of the body, the visceral pain becomes relatively minor, but it is not a fundamental remedy to the problem.


Although, you can survive as far as the pain is not escalated into a disease. Even if you just stand still at the corner of your room by the pain and even if you are crouch down on a street to endure, it cannot continue forever as far as its radiowave manipulation does not create a visceral disease. The pain is just a pain and you can do whatever you want as far as you are not fallen down in the bed. If it is not a result of the electromagnetic wave, it is better to take a rest in the bed to cure your body naturally, but you cannot cure the wave just by sleeping.


On the other hand, when the visceral damage is escalated into a disease, you need to treat it as a disease. Even if it is created by the electromagnetic wave, the real change has already appeared in your body, such as an inflammation or ulcer, hence you need to see a doctor for the next step.


The sexual arousal lasts in your brain, even if the electromagnetic irradiation halts, whose emotion is also generated by the radiowave stimulus on the genital as well. At least for men, it is necessary to emit the androgen to recover a chemical balance in your body system. If not, the chemical might distort your thought and behavior, which can be countered simply to be processed by yourself.


There are other parts of the body highly affected by the radiowave, one of which is the eye. If your eyes suffer from the real disease even escalated by the radiowave, you should see a doctor to treat. Conversely saying, you should stand a pain unless it is not escalated into a disease.


There are many ocular symptoms created by the electromagnetic wave; one of the simplest is a dry eye. It might control the amount of tears, and in anyway, it is quite often for eyes to be dried up. The pupil has no blood vessel as you can see, which takes an oxygen through tears covering eyes. During the daytime, an oxygen in the air is dissolved into tears, which is used for a cellular activity of the pupil.


As a result, if your tears are reduced, you might have a problem on the cells in your pupil as well as a dry eye and its pain. It is necessary to keep yourself from a dry eye and one of the best way is to moisturize your eyes by a steamer, which just takes less than a minute.


The dry eye is also an issue during the night when your pupil uses an oxygen originally contained by tears. Your eyes might be dried up even when your eyelid opens minutely, which can be secured by an eye mask.


The dry eye can be contained by these methodologies, but the viscous eye lotion can save you as well. There are several types of eye lotions stocked in my house, nutritious, anti-mycotic, viscous and anti-allergic. You can lower symptoms by using an appropriate remedies. The electromagnetic wave cannot cause an eye disease, but might escalate its symptom, hence it is necessary to maintain a normal eye condition.


There are other symptoms which is an eye pain felt like stabbed into the brain. This pain can be contained by cooling your temporal lobe. I have no reason why it works, but I happened to know its functionality. When the eye aches unendurably, you do not want to see anything, which is quite problematic to a normal life, but one of its pain can be conquered by cooling your temporal lobe.


58 [Warm up the head]: you can clean up the blood vessel by warming up your body

The majority of brain dysfunctions are contained by cooling the head, at least when they are created by the electromagnetic wave. You can restrain irregular thoughts and emotions and alleviate an unbearable pain in that way. However, you cannot cure a source of the pain just by cooling down your head, especially for a headache.


It is caused by a disorder of the bloodstream, which is basically driven by the state that more blood is running that a capacity of blood vessels. There are two explanations, one of which is that the blood is actually too much more than usual. In the other case, the blood clot prevents the smooth flow, hence the vessel can accept a lower amount of the bloodstream than usual.


Many disorders can be caused by the electromagnetic wave including the emotional disorder, though a headache is at least felt on the blood vessel. That is one of the reasons why the cooling works to alleviate it, which reduces a bloodstream and prevent a collapse of damaged cells.


However, if keeping that state, the blood clot still stays in the vessel. If you are confident it is not a dangerous state such as the stroke, it is better to flow out the clot from the brain. It is created by the radiowave, which is not naturally generated inside your blood system. And moreover, there is a risk that it is bloated in the brain to create an aneurysm.


When you warm up your head, you can flow it out. If you take a shower or bath, your bloodstream is expanded to flow it out. Or, the exercise is also effective, as it enhances a bloodstream, which flows lots of wastes from the system.


Having said that, it is always hard to tell whether it is critical or not. Fundamentally, you better go to see a doctor, but if you are a subject of the electromagnetic wave, you cannot go there just by an unbearable headache, as it is too often. Even if you suffer from the small stroke, you can understand it is not severe after 12 hours from its start. And then, you can exercise to clean your bloodstream.


You might think this explanation is too normal, but the ache is unbearable always when flowing the clot out. You should just stand still for a while to endure the pain even during the exercise. Actually, you feel something is flowing through your vessel in the brain, but once you can stand it, the headache is apparently alleviated. You can conquer the electromagnetic wave in this way, but it is not easy to fight against it by yourself.


57-3 [Cool down the head]: the cooling gives you back a sanity

There is another part of the head often cooled by a cold pack, which is an area between the vertex and forehead. Even if you contain an emotive explosion and maintain a reason, you cannot do anything due to a fatigue. It is quite similar to the depression, but its electromagnetic manipulation creates a tiredness all over the body with a paralysis on the motor area in the brain.


Actually, it is better to separate this feeling from the depression. The fatigue can be triggered by the depression, but it is a result of the complicated brain dysfunction, but this tiredness on the motor area is a simple phenomenon. You can calm this feeling just by cooling down the motor area from the skull.


I am still wondering why this simple cooling is quite functional to counter the primary feelings. Initially, I cooled down my head to contain a headache. There is no nerve to feel the pain in the brain, though you can feel a headache at the blood vessel. Therefore, the pain should be lowered when the bloodstream is reduced, which can be achieved by cooling down your head. You actually feel another stimulus when cooling so there is another reason why it functions to contain a headache. At the same time, the inflammation is restrained by cooling, as it halts a further collapse of the cells.


The critical fact here is that the cooling is also functional to work the reason and to contain an aggressive emotion. Although, it has been a known fact for a long time, as the anger is said to be cooled down. The aggressive stress can be lowered when the cerebellum is cooled to reduce the bloodstream.


It actually functions more but I still have no better explanation why the reason becomes functional when cooling down a forehead. There might be another reason the brain is more functional lowering the temperature from the norm.


In any way, you can keep your sanity by cooling down your head. Although, there are more problems you cannot solve just by cooling down. If you suffer from a severe depression, you can contain your emotion and pain from its disease, but you cannot halt a hallucination and delusion. You can contain negative feeling, but your emotion is not shifted to positive.


For example, this methodology can prevent the subjects from suicide due to an enhanced reasoning function, but the suicidal emotion is hard to be dissipated. Although, you can recover your normal life a lit bit more even under the electromagnetic manipulation. At least, I recovered myself after finding out this simple methodology of cooling.



57-2 [Cool down the head]: you can contain an emotive explosion by cooling

When you cool your forehead by cool packs, you can maintain the normal thinking process, as your frontal lobe is functional under its circumstance. The reason has a critical role in maintaining your being, which also contains your negative emotion from an irregular action. The cooling does not create a positive mindset, but your unnecessary negative is gone.


However, your emotion is still explosive even if your frontal lobe is functional. You can contain the emotion from a dangerous behavior, but too much explosion rules your brain to kick out the reason control. Especially when exploded extremely, your aggression and fear become sometimes out of control. It is a human nature and the reason is occasionally overwhelmed by the emotion, but the issue here is that this explosion is manipulated by the electromagnetic wave.


This explosive emotion can be lowered by cooling down your back of the head. You might cool down the top of your neck, where you can directly calm your cerebellum, but it is oppressive too much. You better cool the bottom of the skull, which secures you from the oppression and contains your emotive explosion.


Even under this countermeasure, the emotion is elevated by the electromagnetic wave. You feel an aggressive stress near to be flushed, but you can keep calm as the cerebellum is cooled down. When you take off a cold pack winded on your head, you should nearly faint away from too much emotive escalation.


This feeling is quite weird as the aggression has no object, hence it is not an anger but the brain is nearly exploding to attack something without any reasons. This is one of the proofs that the aggression is escalated by the electromagnetic wave. At this time moment, you might feel an escalation of the blood flow, which might be the reason why this emotion can be cooled down physically.


57-1 [Cool down the head]: the cooling is a countermeasure to some of the electromagnetic manipulations

There are many methodologies for the brainwave manipulation, though they create the common outcome that you cannot live a normal life under its electromagnetic irradiation. More precisely saying, your life is highly controlled by the wave, as its electrical power is occasionally increased and decreased or even halted to manipulate your lifestyle according to the manipulator’s plot.


When it continues for 24 hours every day, your life becomes quite miserable. There is no other choice than death when it continues for several years, but it should be a quite rare case, as there are many agents necessarily deployed to its manipulation. It requires dozens of people to conduct a 24-hour electromagnetic irradiation, which should be escalated to hundreds of people when operating for several years. The budget is quite sizable as well, which indicates this kind of the profound operation is just executed by the government intelligence against the limited number of subjects.


As a matter of fact, there are physical manipulations and gaslighting for my case, hence there are thousands of people involved in the operation against me in total, majority of those are police officers in several regions in Japan. As you can imagine, it is impossible to hide anymore due to an involvement of too many people. Conversely saying, it is less likely that another operation spends this amount of money and operatives.


It is apparent but you cannot write this blog in a rational way if you are a subject of the electromagnetic manipulation. I found out the way to counter them, which is why I can still keep my sanity.


The countermeasure is quite simple, but you just cool your head. I am using cold packs, tens of them with five kinds. The smaller ones are frozen and they are rounded on the head with a neck cooler. The larger ones are refrigerated and they are placed on the head, or occasionally bound by goggles. If the head is too cooled, it conversely creates a headache, hence appropriated to keep the certain temperature.


Tens of smaller cold packs are prepared, as it just keeps functional for just more than half an hour up to an hour, hence they are necessary to be replaced quite frequently. It is nearly the same as taking pills, but the side effect is limited as the external chemical is not taken in the brain system. The worst side effect is a chilblain on your forehead; that is all.