21 [Brainwave reading]: your brainwave can be read by the other brain

The complicated frequency pattern is hard to be cracked, which also means that its digital analysis is difficult, though it does not mean the digital processing is unavailable. It is necessary to identify how the unique pattern is generated by the specific brain activity before replicating it through digital processing.


Or, it is hard to elucidate the meaning which the wave contains instantaneously, even though the brainwave is cracked digitally, as it requires some time for its calculation process. The instant transformation is critical for the brain manipulation in practice, as it becomes more effective when understanding what the subject thinks to improvise the operation.


As a matter of fact, there is a simple way to read the brain, which is to recognize the brainwave as it is. The brainwave can be read wirelessly, but it had better start from the wired, where the brainwave is transmitted through the wired electrode to the outside. When you think something, it creates the brainwave which is transmitted to the operator’s brain through the wired connection, and then your thought is snooped.


The reader’s brain is synchronized to your brainwave in this way, while this synchronization is a one-way from you to the reader. The two-way communication is complicated, but not so difficult through the wired connection, where the both brainwaves are sent and received each other for its synchronization.


If both of you have the similar brainwave characteristic, your brains are easily synchronized to make yourselves understood each other. In other words, if your individuality is matched to the operator, both of you think and behave in the same way through wired connection. If this is a one-way synchronization, the reader thinks the same as you do and moves in the same as you do, such as raising a hand simultaneously.


The key here is how much both of you are on the same wavelength in terms of your brain activities. However, in my understanding, this conformity is rare, which requires another adjustment for the general use of the brain manipulation. The next key is a conversion of the frequency from one analog band to the other. It is not difficult to shift the range up and down, and also not difficult to compress or extend the range. In these two directions, the electromagnetic wave can be converted physically.


This system is quite akin to the general wireless communication. Some radio equipment, such as a mobile phone, has their specific code, which is a key to read the encoded data sent from another equipment. This decoding is quite similar to the brainwave connection and its adjustment mentioned above.


In my experience, there are many people communicating through the radiowave, hence the uniqueness of each brainwave pattern is adjustable by the simple conversion. If not, the synchronization occurs within more limited number of people. Although, there should be a limitation especially at the linguistic point of view, necessary to share the same language for its brainwave communication, but it does not mean the brainwave is differently used.


This adjustment code is the last piece to find out for the brain control. It might be randomly analyzed in the same manner with tuning the radio station, which is really the same process of its conversion. Or, it might be systematically and more efficiently found out through the algorithm.


All in all, even though the brainwave is not completely cracked or analyzed digitally, they already can read your thought in the brain and can control your behavior. Even if each brainwave is unique to each individual, the simple conversion can translate the brainwave to the reader.



20 [Brainwave patterning analysis]: the generic brainwave pattern might cause you the disease

It is difficult to analyze the electromagnetic wave digitally, which also means it is hard to control the brain or body by the digital wave. Considering these difficulties, it had better analyze the brainwave as an analog frequency pattern.


The brain generates only an ultra-long wave, hence the frequency range is limited, while it is unknown how many frequencies are irradiated simultaneously. For example, when you feel a headache, the characteristic brainwave is irradiated for its symptom. The wave can be captured as it is in analog, though it is difficult to conclude what frequencies are irradiated simultaneously.


Although, the similar wave pattern can be reproduced from the random mix of frequencies. If you feel a headache when the specific wave is irradiated to your brain, it is the target pattern of the wave to cause the synchronization.


Or, the brainwave itself is recorded to create the targeted frequency pattern. There are many people suffering from the brain disease, such as a depression, emotional disorder or other types of symptoms. Their brainwaves can be used to affect others when their recorded brainwave is irradiated to the subject’s brain which can be synchronized to cause the same symptoms.


If accumulating pathological brainwaves for specific symptoms, each pathological frequency pattern can be generalized as a result. In this methodology, there is no need to analyze each digitally. It is insufficient as a scientific verification, though practical enough to affect the brain externally.


The issue here is an individuality how distinctive each brain works. If the difference is negligible, the generalized wave can create the symptom for a wider range of the people. The necessary task is to gather the frequency pattern according to each brain disease, whose generalized pattern can create a corresponding symptom to the subject’s brain. On the other hand, if the individuality plays a distinctive role, it is hard generally to affect the brain externally.


Considering the reality that the brain is affected by the outside frequency, the simple symptom can be composed of the simple wave pattern. For example, the aggression can be caused by the single frequency or simple patterns, hence the generalized radiowave can affect many people to become more aggressive.


However, it is just an aggressiveness, not necessarily provoking any aggressive actions. It is necessary to eliminate the reason and to urge the action, separately. The aggressive emotion is not the only decisive factor to cause an attack, but it is necessary to restrain the sociality. It is functioned to contain the aggression in the normal life, which is compelled to be dysfunctioned by another brainwave or physical manipulation.


There is another associated issue how to choose a target for the assault. The indiscriminate attack might be easier as it can be created just inside the brain, while it is more difficult for the brain to justify its action than the aggressiveness against the specific target. The brain manipulation is always complicated to achieve the specific goal, as it is highly affected also by the individuality of each person and brain.


The complexity does not necessarily lie at the behavioral process, but often at the brain process itself, such as thinking. If you think 1,000 words, the electromagnetic wave should contain the whole content for the manipulation. It apparently implies it is not easy to create the wave pattern holding that amount of information, and at the same time, it is not easy to understand its meaning just by the patterning analysis.


This consideration indicates that the patterning is really used for the radiowave control, especially effective to generate the simple emotion, and the pain in the brain or each organ can be reproduced by the digital analysis, however, these methodologies are useless to read the brain. It is necessary to develop the technique more than the patterning to read what you think and to move your hand. That is actually what the current technology can do to you.


19 [Brainwave digital analysis]: the wave can be digitally analyzed, though still many obstacles

The electromagnetic wave is analyzed through the Fourier transformation, though it has a limitation of the resolution.


The Fourier transforms the wave to a mathematical formula, whose methodology is imperfect, though the mathematical approach is the only way to resolve it. When the wave consists of the sole frequency, it is unnecessary to be cracked, though when composed of the multiple frequencies, each frequency cannot be identified until transformed in this way.


This is a critical issue to the brainwave, as it is quite less likely composed by the single frequency, rather created by the multiple chemical changes and frequencies, which requires the Fourier transformation. However, its methodology has a limitation at the resolution and sampling rate. If the wave is necessary to be analyzed at the exact frequency, the original wave should be recorded in a long time, otherwise the analysis becomes quite rough. It means the wave can be analyzed at 10Hz unit frequency for the shorter recorded wave, which is quite problematic to the brainwave, as it originally just irradiates up to 100Hz wavelength.


If the brainwave keeps the same frequency pattern for a long time, the analysis gets deeper into the minute. When the certain stimulus is given to the subject for a long time without any other stimulation and thinking, the brainwave is resolved to the minute frequencies, but it is apparently not a normal condition. It is not impossible to experiment in this way, but impractical to the brainwave control on the normal occasion.


Fast Fourier Transformation is its extension to solve an issue of the resolution, which also requires the wave with a longer time, though it can define the frequency irradiated at each segmented time. This is one of the solutions but still limited at the level of its resolution. It can be analyzed at 1Hz unit, but maybe hard to analyze the level at the second decimal.


There is another practical issue to this methodology, which is a difficulty at the feedback to use the outcome to affect the subject. The past data or recorded brainwave can be analyzed in this manner, though it requires many calculations with many variables. It means it is impossible to solve it instantaneously for the feedback even with the super computer.


All in all, the digital analysis of the brainwave is not progressed that much due to its limitation. The difficulty is not at an external replication of the brainwave by digital, but at the digital analysis.


However, there is a way to understand the meaning of the brainwave without these analyses.


18 [Wireless brainwave reading]: its only function is to snoop what you think

It is unnecessary to read the brainwave wirelessly if only to control and affect the brain through the wireless radiowave.


When the subject is tested at the experiment of electromagnetic wave irradiation, it can confirm what frequency has a specific influence on the brain, unnecessary to read the brainwave wirelessly. Even if they would like to know what the brainwave indicates at this time moment, it can be analyzed through the wired connection, unnecessary to read the brainwave wirelessly. The radiowave has a limitation in terms of its directivity and electrical power, whose influence can be tested wirelessly against more number of subjects, but the wired connection is enough to show its result.


The brainwave reading is only required when the operator would like to capture what the subject thinks about. When you think in the brain, the specific frequency is generated inside the skull accordingly.


Let’s think about the hand movement, which is actually a result of the brain function, the same as thinking in the brain. We already know the brain address of hand movement, but you use many brain areas for thinking, not definitively concluding how it is constructed. Although, the hand movement also requires wider brain areas, because you move it as a result of the purpose you would like to achieve, such as typing a keyboard. There is no big difference between thinking and body movement in terms of the brain activity, both requiring thinking process in any way.


The brainwave is generated during the course of these brain activities. The synchronization is a phenomenon that your brain activity is synchronized to the external electromagnetic wave, which also means your action is controlled by the radiowave irradiation. On the contrary, the operator can reconstruct the meaning what you think, when your brainwave is decoded.


There is a big difference between wired and wireless in terms of the brain reading. If connected through wires on the brain, the brainwave can be transmitted to the machine as it is. However, it is impossible to read the wave wirelessly as it is, because the irradiation from the brain is too weak to be read by the remote antenna. I am not sure how far it can go, but one meter is highly likely too distant to be read.


It is necessary to use a radar to read the brainwave wirelessly. It is also one type of the electromagnetic wave, though featured as a high frequency with directivity. When it is irradiated to the brain, the reflection wave is slightly modulated by the brainwave. If this mixed wave is decoded and separated, one of which is the original radar and another is the brainwave.


In this case, the radar is not an ultra-long wave, more like a directional wave which is easier to handle, though its electromagnetic wave cannot affect the brain, just employed for reading. Then, they can get the reflected radar wave and extract the brainwave from it. The next big step is how to understand the meaning of its wave.


There are two possible ways to read that wave, one of which is a digital analysis that the wave is analyzed digitally to reconstruct what the subject thinks in the brain. The other way is to recognize it in the analog.


17-4 [Wireless brainwave control]: the synchronization is the phenomenon sparking in the brain according to the external radiowave

The frequency used for the brain control is centered at the beta wave, but longer waves are also irradiated, whose directivity is much lower. Although, the brain activity is much more complicated to generate many waves simultaneously when each cell functions. Therefore its complexity creates the directivity in nature.


There is another related issue which is an electromagnetic sensitivity for each individual. Even if the same power of electricity is generated, the perception is not necessarily the same, which is dependent on their sensitivity. You can be controlled by the certain wave, but other are not just due to its difference.


From my experience, it is just three occasions that the people in front have spoken the exact same language which I got through the radiowave. It implies that the brainwave is not necessarily too unique, but from the different viewpoints, the majority of people are less affected by the same wave. It is still uncertain this difference is more derived from the individuality or sensitivity.


For example, the microwave oven vibrates molecules to heat up a stuff, hence that electromagnetic wave and its electrical power has an influence. If there is a bigger size of the microwave which you can enter into, you should be affected by the wave as the way it normally works for the smaller size. If leaving you there until highly heated up, the death is inevitable. That is apparently an effect of the electromagnetic wave wirelessly.


That wave is actually leaked to the outside, but the influence is quite limited just to jam the WIFI communication. However, if the power is aggrandized, the impact is more to the outside as well. That is one of the way to affect the people wirelessly, though it consumes too much energy to assume practically.


The efficient way is to find a frequency to synchronize with the brain or organs, which is beamed externally to the subject. The electricity consumption is extremely less at this control, though the individuality is another obstacle for this operation. This obstacle is already conquered somehow to control the human being with the electromagnetic wave.


The control is also executed through wired and wireless in the same manner. That is a fact. The current issue is what kind of influence the wave can affect and how progressed the wireless technology becomes. These are not open to the public, as they are classified by the government. There exists a technology which is dangerous, though it is hidden from the public eyes.


17-3 [Wireless brainwave control]: the individuality is necessarily cracked for the customized effect

The next issue is the frequency range affecting to organs. It is experimentally proved that the beta wave affects them, externally, though cannot dismiss a possibility of other frequencies. I have no clue about the exact frequency, though the stomach and bowel are not always affected simultaneously, implying each of them is affected by the unique wavelength. It is more likely that the corresponding beta wave exists for each organ to react.


Although, it creates again the issue of its directivity. It might have the same influence on the people within the specific range, while the difference is just brought from the individuality including the strength of their visceral organ. The directional influence requires higher frequencies, such as 22GHz for the molecular resonance. However, its straightness creates another issue that the wave is easily deteriorated and hard to pass through an obstacle.


As a result of these considerations, the ultra-long wave is normally used and the individuality is quite wide more than expected. If that is the case, the influence is directional, even though the electromagnetic wave is too low to spread widely.


This individuality is analogous to the effective difference at each organ. If the heart and bowel generate the same frequency, they might malfunction to each other, i.e. the heart might be affected and failed by the frequency which is irradiated by the bowel. That means they definitely have distinctive frequencies, which is why they are affected by the different electromagnetic wave externally. This relation holds true for each individual, all of us irradiate a unique and slightly different frequency when the body is activated.


The issue is how decisive the individuality is to control the brain externally. This individuality is created through human growth to generate a unique frequency for each, not a result of the information written in DNA. Or, the pure chemical reaction is not the only source to determine the frequency, but the size of cells or their connectivity also affects the level of an electromagnetic wave.


Adding to this, there is an issue at what level the individuality defines a difference of frequencies. For example, if its difference is significant like 50Hz and 60Hz, the individuality is a critical factor to control the brain through the electromagnetic wave. If its difference is slight like 50.5Hz and 50.6Hz, it is only meaningful when the human being can differentiate these frequencies distinctively.


If the issue is not a simple frequency but its pattern, the individuality is distinctive at a multiplication. If that is the case, the certain wave affects only you directionally though it requires more information of your brainwave to control wirelessly.


Or, there might be a pattern of frequencies, which has the specific influence to the majority of people. If that is the case, the effective pattern can be extrapolated from decoding many brainwaves. As a matter of fact, I am the one who is suffered, not the one to commit a crime with the electromagnetic wave, therefore the true nature of controlling methodology is not yet decoded. Although, the answer is definitely somewhere around what we discussed here. And there are some of them who know the answer and there are some of them who abuse its technology for their criminal activity, even though they have no idea how it works.

17-2 [Wireless brainwave control]: how to irradiate the ultra-long wave, the key to control the brain wirelessly

The ultra-long wave has a substantially long stroke, hence it is hard to be directional. If it is less directional, the wave can be spread widely. If it is more directional, the wave is sent to the specific range. The ultra-long is notionally least directional, though it can be delivered deeper into the tunnel, which is corresponding to my experience. On the other hand, the ultra-long wave should affect more people within the widespread area, even if it is more specifically irradiated.


When using higher frequencies, it is directional in the nature of electromagnetic wave, though there is a large possibility that those frequencies cannot have an influence on the brain. Or at least, the synchronization cannot be achieved as the brainwave is very low. There is an option to find the alternative frequency to affect the brain, though the real phenomena have been a synchronization triggered by the ultra-long wave.


Having said that, the effect can be directional, if the individual difference is wide enough. It is not so sure how generic the electromagnetic wave works to each person, as the impact looks like quite directional. It means I am affected by the wave but others surrounding me are not controlled by the same wave. It is quite rare occasion that another person is affected by the same frequency, even though it really exists.


The possibility is still open to a different range of the wave, despite the fact the ultra-long is mainly used for the brain control. The ionic resonance occurs at a 1000Hz frequency, where the ion reacts to vibrate against the external electromagnetic wave. This is quite similar to a function of the microwave oven that irradiates a wave to vibrate a stuff to be heated up. The phenomena are the same as the ionic resonance, though the microwave utilizes 2.45GHz, the different frequency.