6 Mutual dependency, the intelligence and its enemies

All intelligence agencies necessitate their enemies to survive. If they are eradicated, the government is unnecessary to keep their function any further. The fallout of Soviet Union deprived the western intelligence of their raison d’etre, resulted in a shrinkage of their budget. This partially holds true to the defense budget, but their capability is required as far as the country exists, not necessary to fight against the real enemy, which is a contrast to the intelligence whose prerequisites are not the same.


This is a big dilemma to the intelligence circle, as they are established to keep the country safe, but the world peace is quite unfavorable to their existence. Contrarily, they are more relied on by the administration, when the world is unstable, which incentivizes them to maintain the enemy and to show they are strong enough to spend the budget.


For example, Japanese intelligence has been necessary to show up their main enemy strong, the left extremist, which was actually quite dangerous until 1970s, but their power was declined, mainly due to the intelligence containment, though they let the extremist alive partially due to maintaining their budget and people. Furthermore, they unleash their extremist spy to sabotage, to inflate the capability of their enemies.


The next step is to widen their perimeter from the communist to other party members, including the leading Liberal Democratic Party and religious groups. This expansion is partially required to save their existence and budget, to create new enemies especially after 1990s when the communist league was collapsed. Even, the North Korean spies have been partially untouched, as they needed the enemies to prove their necessities. This change actually started from 1980s, but more deepened in 1990s, which might be supported by internal sympathizers of the left extremist, as they shared the same notion, the socialist or communist ideal.


This mutual dependency is not unique to Japan, and CIA actually needs a terrorist to maintain their existence. If the terrorist is totally eradicated, they are not wanted in this world. They were shrunk when the Soviet was fallen down, though their necessity has been recovered, as the Islamic terrorist continuously expands their grounds.


CIA did not create the terrorist, but they cannot eradicate all at once, which is partially due that it is hard to do, but partially due that it is a suicide mission they learnt in 1990s. The best situation is to have enemies, weak enough to be controlled. However, the world cannot be conspired as they want, whose failure sometimes triggers much larger problems to solve. The ISIS is one of its results.



5 Japanese intelligence radicalized with the left extremist

Japanese intelligence and its left extremist are interconnected, which is not a secret in Japan. The intelligence tried hard to contain the extremist activity, by way of converting their members to intelligence spies. Japanese left extremist used to be one of the worst terrorist groups in the world, executing massacres, hijacks and other criminal activities, not just in Japan, but across the world until 1970s.


Their control was required in those days and the intelligence had turned some of them as their spies, whose operation is still conducted by the intelligence planning desk at the police department. There is one officer called as the undercover investigator, who is in charge of black ops at this organization. This office is not independent, under the chain of command from the section chief and director, though the reality is quite unsure. Analyzing some of their operation, their decisions were unconfirmed by the director, as they had no idea what had been done by this black ops, which implying the operation is sometimes decided by the closed circle related to this team under the intelligence.


Their spies are still members of left extremist groups or the communist party, which are their main target to cope with. If they would like to hold foreign citizens as spies, they should be controlled under this category, but the foreign extremist group is not active in Japan, except North Korea, but they can be categorized as the left extremist as well.


This spying operation was likely to be worthwhile to control the extremist and the number of anti-government sabotages has been reduced. All is not subdued, but the attack to the general public is diminished, actually. However, this operation creates another issue with the intelligence organization that some of them have a sympathy on the left extremist.


The reason is still unclear but there are two possibilities, one of which is that the police hired students slightly active to the left activity, who have worked together with the extremist beyond the relationship as handlers and assets. The other is that the extremist groups conversely have penetrated into the intelligence officers to sympathize their ideal. They should be called as the mole at the intelligence, but there is a possibility that some of them are not realized they are assets of the extremist.


The issue is that the mole really exists to sympathize the revolution of left extremist, which was also shared by the highest ranking members of the police department and its intelligence division, while it is highly likely that some of the intelligence members are still spies of the extremist. As a result, the black ops activity is radicalized, communized and politicized to turn Japan for their ideal.


The intelligence members are presumably composed by the statist, partially due to its pre-war heritage, but it is easier to infringe the individual right under the name of national security when holding a notion of the statism in their mind, mentally capacitating whatever measure they conduct unlawfully. Or, the majority of members cannot survive within the black ops unless holding this kind of belief or mentality, where the abstract nation is the sovereign, subduing any rights or freedoms of each individual.


This notion can be shared with the left extremist who believes the ideal society is supreme against any rights and freedoms of each individual, where the government and its bureaucrat can conduct the country and people. That was one of the reasons why the intelligence ruled the central function of the past socialist and communist countries. It also implies it is not a mystery why the intelligence sympathizes the left extremist in Japan. This coalition of the right nationalist and the left idealist is called as the totalitarian, which is partially developed in the police intelligence in Japan.


Although, it is not sure what had happened in the US, where the same kind of sabotage is often seen, but still unsure what kind of organization is hiding behind the scene. In any way, Japanese intelligence undermined the own government, partially due to this left extremism, if not, there is no need to become politicized, even though radicalized.


4 Uncontainable intelligence activities in Japan

Japanese intelligence is partnered with foreign agencies, which is generally seen in this business. This relationship becomes tighter, when they recognize the counterpart as allies to each other.


There is one uniqueness for Japanese intelligence, as they are one of the divisions at the police department, hence it is less likely to conduct the espionage outside the country. The budget basically does not allow to and the organization cannot send many officers outside the boundary. Some of them are actually sent abroad, though they are functioned as a liaison, not for spying.


In this situation, Japanese intelligence provides a domestic information trading with the foreign security intel, as its exchange is assumed to be a give-and-take, necessary to trade with something. However, Japanese security information is quite limited in terms of terrorism, especially for the reference to the outside world. As a result, they accept foreign agencies at the domestic cooperation, or they are required to leave some of the illegal activities untouched, conducted by foreigners.


The give-and-take itself is necessary at some point, but Japan as the country loses more than takes. Japanese intelligence even sells the people to foreign agencies, under the name of give-and-take. Foreign spies sometimes are out of litigations, even though they killed Japanese citizens. It is originally executed to maintain the public security, but as a reality, the Japanese security is totally breached.


This is because Japanese intelligence believes some of the sacrifices are inevitable to maintain the security, which is why some of the murders are untouched. This outcome is totally nonsense and it is quite unsure who they would like to secure from whom. They sometimes have claimed there is no way to contain the foreign espionage as there is no law to oversee, but it is not necessarily true. It is quite common to capture the foreign spies with petty crimes in other countries, which is one of the ways to contain their conspiracy. The main espionage issue in Japan is related to North Korea, though it is partially because the issue at CIA is escaped from the public eye with this trade and their manipulation.


The police department and its intelligence restrict their countermeasure against foreign espionages, partially due to the give-and-take and partially due to observing their organizational activity. However, it is totally the same to leave them free if its observation has continued for decades without any conduct, while the intelligence justifies their inaction, claiming they are under surveillance. In this way, they can fulfill their job obligation.


This behavior is sometimes ended up with the disaster. The assassination sometimes occurs in Japan, but it seems nearly an accident if successfully organized, hard to pursue the real responsibility behind the operation. Although, the police knows sometimes that it is not just an accident. Nevertheless, it is only prosecuted when the assassination plan is precisely revealed. In this sense, their claim makes sense that they cannot prevent the assassination, as there is no law to capture them, just being a spy.


Having said that, it is also a result that they leave foreign intelligence free in Japan. They know the spy is out there, who sometimes possesses a capability to assassinate, though they claim that they cannot uncover the plot totally, to capture them. However, their assertion is just wrong and they can restrain the activity of foreign espionage in Japan in the legal way. It is harder than to make an excuse, but it cannot be impossible. If impossible, there is no reason to maintain Japanese intelligence. If the give-and-take works as they claim, they just ask the criminal spies to their custody, who is in charge killing many people. This kind of trade is everywhere seen in the world.


The real issue is that the foreign intelligence represented by CIA is totally untouched by the police and its intelligence. If their activity is no harm to the Japanese citizen, that should be acceptable, but there are many cases the freedom of the people was infringed by their activities. This is not the only issue but there are many political conspiracies plotted by them, including the assassination.


One of the main reason to unleash them is that Japanese intelligence is actually at the side to plot the conspiracy including the assassination, not to stop them, even cooperating with the foreign intelligence. This kind of operation is also seen in the US, in Europe and in everywhere in the world.


3 Japanese intelligence out of mind

CIA is not the only troublesome agency in Japan, but there is another unforgivable government vehicle, which is Japanese Intelligence.


In Japan, they are one of the divisions at the police department. Generally, they are referred as the Security Police, though its organization is separated into two sub-division, one of which is to conduct the security, including SP and riot squads. The other division is an intelligence service against the terrorist and extremist in Japan.


This Japanese intelligence service is a descendant of the past special police, conducting tortures before World War II, which was abolished when the war ended, but they were come back to deploy against the communist and its extremist, which was one of the big Japanese social movement until 1970s, well known to such as Japan Red Army.


Public Security Intelligence Agency is another domestic vehicle to run an intelligence function in Japan, whose work is totally overlapped with the police intelligence, though they are different in the size. According to WIKI, 1,500 members work as agents in this agency, but 2,000 police officers are deployed to the intelligence service just in Tokyo. That means, it is expectedly 15,000 intelligent officers in total at the police department, whose intelligence size is massive in the global term as well.


The foreign intelligence agencies basically gather the information in Japan, which is why they have Japanese branches, though they plot the conspiracy, sometimes including murders, which is basically the same to Japanese intelligence that they conspire and kill their targets. Having said that, it is quite rare to murder the targets apparently, as it is found easily if obviously executed, hence they kill their targets unnoticeably. That is the reason why it has not emerged as a problem, but there are many assassinations not to be found. Those are executed by foreign agencies in Japan, but at the same time, done by Japanese intelligence as well.


At this point, there is a big problem arisen that Japanese intelligence is one of the vehicles of the police department, so that their wrong conduct is not an issue of legal cases, totally exempted. The misbehavior of each police officer is a matter of the legal action, but the organized crime run by one of the police division is totally free from any issues. The law enforcement and intelligence is conducted by the chief of police organizationally, so that this person has a power to run illegal operations, not bothered by the law.


This chief is picked up by the prime minister, though practically selected by the preceding chief, implying the control is less onto their nomination from the politics in Japan. This is partially because of restricting the corruption between politicians and the police department. If the chief is selected by the politics, the legal decision is more affected by the political reason. In this sense, this Japanese system works to separate those, but there is no way to control the corruption within the police as a result.


Attorney prosecutors are distinctly organized from the police, which has an official power to investigate the corruption case in the police department, though it is less likely occurred, as their litigations are sabotaged by the police department, which makes them deterred to fight against the real issue within the police. In the past, it was just one case investigated by attorneys against the local police. Even in that case, they failed to prove the existence of the organized police crime, while just prosecuting some of the intelligence agents working on that political plot.


The real issue at this structure is that the police exists out of the law. The chief is nominated by the politics, which leaves a room for the slight control, but the chief is basically promoted from the deputy in Japanese tradition, who is assigned by the previous head. It implies the effective control against the police is quite limited, which is applicable to their intelligence conspiracy. However unlawful it is, their action is placed out of the legal control.


The only justification to this structure is that the police is never corrupted so that there is no need to the legal oversight. This is all and the only explanation for this system. However, the police department is so corrupted organizationally in Japan. The politicians are completely under the public watch, though still there are some of them running illegal activity.


On the other hand, the people are obliged to believe the police is always clean, therefore the oversight is unnecessary. The reality is that there is an organized crime within the police department, including unacceptable political conspiracy plotted by their intelligence service and many killings executed by them as well. These are not prosecuted, as they are out of any controls, which is justified by the current police system in japan.


The current system should be revised, but moreover, the intelligence service should be under a control of the politics, to work for the people, not for killing the people. This is necessary to be revised, as the intelligence executes plots commonly in their home country to manipulate the politics to their favors, and they even murder their targets to pursue their own interest anywhere in the world, which is another problem, confronted by the modern world.


2 Conspiracy case in Japan

The conspiracy is existed even in the modern democratic countries, shown with the example in Japan.


There are many organizations and institutions to conspire in Japan, some of which are the government vehicles and some of them are privately constructed. Some of them are domestically oriented, but some of them are foreign institutions, which are basically the same as seen in Syria. The conspiracies are executed by the anti-government movements, or run by domestic and foreign intelligence agencies.


The situation is basically the same everywhere in the globe, even in the US, even in Europe. There are many domestic and foreign intelligences trying to affect their standpoint to the political sphere.


Although, there should be a uniqueness for each region and country. As is the case in Japan, CIA has a big branch in Tokyo, while China and North Korea actively conspire to manipulate Japanese politics to their favors. The number of people died from the intelligence plot is by far lower than in the conflict areas, but it really happens in Japan as well. The biggest difference is at its appearance, whether the killing is obviously taken place or hiddenly executed. If there is no conspiracy, there is no need for foreign intelligence existing in Japan, implying something wrong is always successfully plotted in some ways, to their favors. That is the reason why they maintain their budget to run the operation.


The murder is executed just as an extension of the intelligence manipulation and the political conspiracy is often plotted as one of their main raison d’etre. This is not just happened in Japan, but also taken place everywhere, even in the US, even in Europe. We just hope the democracy works as its true nature, but it is always highly manipulated and endangered by ill-minds of domestic and foreign organizations.


Back in Japan, the US and Soviet Union had tried hard to affect Japanese politics, especially after World War II. Japan is and was one of the US allies, but, at the same time, the neighbor of Soviet. Actually, the geographically closet country to Japan is still Russia which needs to pass somewhere in Japan to voyage out to the Pacific Ocean, hence it is necessary to interact, whatever happens. In the past days under the cold war, this border was one of the main frontline of the east and the west, which was one of the reason why the US and Soviet intelligence actively serviced in Japan to conspire the policy to their favors.


This situation was completely changed after the end of the cold war, not any more frontline, even though the geography is not changed. Adding to this, the intelligence activity of Russia is apparently lesser than the past Soviet, besides North Korea and China are still as active as before, but not necessarily increased. Their intelligence conspiracy is not welcomed in Japan, but it is not expected to end, as they would like to affect Japanese policy to their favors, which is the unofficial side of the diplomacy.


However, the biggest problem to Japan is CIA operation. They exist in Japan to affect the policy to their favors, which is the reason why they can receive enough budget to run their operation, also implying their activity is successful, even though they can cut more as the Soviet was already gone many decades ago.


Their operation includes many murders even in Japan, which is the same happening in the conflict areas. There is no reason they behave non-muscularly just in Japan, meaning they are the same everywhere in the globe, even in their home country, the United States. There are many conspiracies and manipulations done by the intelligence, which is not officially emerged, but it does not mean their activity is lawfully acceptable. The reality is sometimes more dangerous, when it is not emerged in the official eyes.


1 Conspiracy or what?

The conspiracy really exists.


It has a long history, even not extinct in the modern days. Its methodology should be transformed through the time, though it is still an issue of our lives. It is still seen all over the world, might be the result of incurable human nature.


Analyzing what happened in Syria, the conspiracy was shadowed in the reality. There were many factors to cause the war, though it was aggravated after the attack on July 18th 2012, when the existing government was bombed at their center. The man in charge of internal security was killed during the action, exacerbating a stability of the country, economically and politically. It implies this attack was to undermine the Syrian government by eliminating one of the men in change.


This was apparently not an indiscriminate terrorism, but the politically focused attack. At the same time, this was not just an extension of their domestic conflict, but the internal war was aggrandized and aggravated after this incident, meaning, this was the starting point of the real war. There was no attack at the center after this, geographically and politically, also implying this was a bomb with the political reason to topple the government followed by the massive military actions later on.


This was absolutely a conspiracy. If claiming it was not, that claim itself is one of the appearances of its conspiracy. The world is not built on it, though it is also shrewd to tag “conspiracy theory” as one of the absurd to believe, because it works quite effective to alienate the truth behind the reality.


Having said that, it is also true that the conspiracy theory is misguided by the people who claim the current world is its outcome. For example, ISIS emerged after this bomb destabilized the existing government ruling. In the normal conspiracy theory, this bomb was plotted to expand the power of ISIS. From the current viewpoint to the past, this was what actually happened, hence ISIS was conspired by some powers. This perception should be too extreme to be true, which is one of the reason why the conspiracy theory is avoided.


The team who plotted this operation did not expect ISIS emerged from the disruption. They just prospected to transfer the government after the security was exacerbated, with the attack from anti-government forces. The explosion at the government center should have disrupted the existing political power, which should have been toppled by the anti-government movements, or at least they can expand their control areas in Syria. However, the bomb was actually ended up with the harsher internal war with the new evil ISIS expanding their capability.


This streak of events implies that the conspiracy is not necessarily successful. The initial operation has a temporal political effect, though its outcome is not what they prospected originally. In this case, the bomb on the political center was successful in their terms, though they could not deliver the peace after its operation. The causality is not that simple. There are more factors unknown originally at the time of plotting, whose causalities are complicatedly intermingled, therefore the conspiracy does not work as they want, which occurs more often when their prospect is too extensive to be controlled.


Back to this operation in Syria, whether did conspirators expect the emergence of ISIS originally? If that is the case, their plot was more than successful, highly controlled from their initial bombing. If that is not the case, the exacerbation of Syrian war was unexpectedly brought from their failures, which killed numerous people, not just in Syria and Iraq, but all over the world, to provide an opportunity for ISIS to expand.


This analysis suggests that this operation contributed to the current existence of ISIS and the plotter should have their responsibility to the killings, later on. The operation is not always ended as they want, however, did they really assume this sizable despair was brought from their mistakes? How do they take a responsibility for the lives lost by their conspiracy? There is no official argument what actually happened behind the scene, but is it the right thing to do?


The conspiracy still really exists in this world, which is often failed, finally to bring tremendous despairs. Moreover, there are various conspiracies plotted by ill-minds, which manipulate our society unnoticeably, to deprive the future from numerous lives, psychologically and physically.